Frequently asked questions

What does The SisterYard Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate taste like?

A well-balanced blend of subtle cacao notes, toasty aromas and a robust yet slightly sweet sip on your lips.

Is there a strong Coconut flavor?

The coconut flavor in our coffee is subtle. The addition of coconut water in our brew makes our coffee naturally hydrating and thirst quenching. It will leave you wanting a second cup.

How much sugar is there per serving?

There are two grams of natural sugars per serving, coming from the 100% pure coconut water. We never add additional sweetener or artificial sugars to our brew.

How do I drink The SisterYard?

Click here for our favorite ways to enjoy The SisterYard.

Can I mix The SisterYard in a cocktail?

Absolutely! The SisterYard Coconut Cold Brew mixed in a cocktail is one of the most fun ways to experiment with our coffee. It pairs beautifully with rum, whiskey, scotch, vodka, and gin. The options are truly endless. Click here for a list of our favorite cocktails.

What are the nutrition facts? 

Click here to view the nutrition information for our Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate.

How do I order pickup and delivery in New York?

Do you only offer Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate or are there ready-to-drink beverages I can purchase?

We’re constantly working on evolving our product line and ready-to-drink options are coming soon! Follow us on Instagram or click here to subscribe for email updates.

Do you offer a coffee cart for events or fulfill large catering orders?

We are currently accepting event and catering inquiries in Miami and the New York City Metro Area! Click here to inquire.

Do you offer nationwide shipping?

We are currently offering pickup at the café and local delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. Shipping to 20 states: New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Connecticut, Delaware, California and Texas.

How can I stock The SisterYard at my business?

Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, gym, bodega, grocery store (need we go on?), we’ve got you covered for wholesale orders. Click here to inquire.