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Real Food Experiences


Do good with what we do best

The SisterYard is the only cooking experience that teaches people the concept of food with a purpose. We empower people by transforming their relationship with food. 

Enjoy a meal made by you, led by us.



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Upcoming Classes

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We don’t believe in secret recipes. This isn’t about withholding information, but about making it accessible. It’s time to empower people and show them that they can feel better and live better if they eat with purpose.

-Yami & Tina.



Create meaningful food experiences. Share them. Repeat.

We see a beautiful space, a garden full of people… actually, we see several spaces in different parts of the world. We see a community sitting together around a big table to share food and experiences. We see people laughing, dancing, cooking, learning. We see people full of happiness who want this moment to last forever. Our intention is to rescue those moments of real connection.

We want to transform lives, support our community,
and our people. We want to do good by doing what we do best: cooking and teaching
— Yami & Tina